SETTING THE SCENE for the October 2016 trip to Pampa Hermosa and El Paujil

on Agave, in the Rimac valley 2 hours east from Lima, 17 October
Rio Puntayacu
near San Ramon, 18 October
Rio Puntayacu
Chrysina species
Shining Leaf Chafer, Rio Puntayacu
Assassin bug
towards Pampa Hermosa, 19 October
Longhorn beetle
en route to Pampa Hermosa
Pampa Hermosa
20 October
Red and Blue Macaw
checking arrivals at Pampa Hermosa
Pampa Hermosa, 20 October
Oval leaf beetle
Pampa Hermosa
Rio Utcumayo
Pampa Hermosa, 21 October
Orchid bee (?)
Pampa Hermosa
Oval leaf beetle
different species, Pampa Hermosa, 22 October
Rio Utcamayo tributary
Pampa Hermosa, 22 October
Leaf-footed bugs
Pampa Hermosa
Paratropes bilunata
one of the many species of Cockroach, Pampa Hermosa
Unidentified plant #1
Bosque de Sh'Ollet, 23 October, transit to Villa Rica
Unidentfied plant #2
also at Bosque de Sh'Ollet
Fuschia species?
Bosque de Sh'Ollet
The Yanachaga-Chemillén National Park
Rio Iscozacin rapids
featuring Mark on the two-hour river journey to El Paujil, 24 October
El Paujil, forest track
24 October
Coreidae species
Leaf-footed bug, El Paujil, 25 October
Agrias (now Prepona) claudina
on my finger, photo taken by Regine
Anteros formosus
front-on shot, El Paujil, 26 October
Rio Iscozacin
looking downstream after a night of heavy rain on 26 October
Loaded boat
ready for the return leg on 28 October
Ctenidae species
of Wandering Spider, a large female guarding eggs, 28 October
San Alberto, Oxapampa
on the way back to Tarma, 29 October
dry west-facing slopes, 30 October
Final field stop
back at the Rimac valley (where we stopped on the way out from Lima), 30 October
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