'Sapphire Corner'
a butterfly hot-spot named after its several species of Heliophorus on the road between Khonoma and Mezoma
at Sapphire Corner
Aspen coppicing
young trees not yet prepared for coppicing
Another view
of the stream running through Sapphire Corner
in the distance through the trees and across the paddy fields
Aspen coppicing
for sustainable wood supply
Spring blossoms
of cherry and apple on the road between Khonoma and Huenambe Village
Forest canopy
dotted with flowering trees on the road to Dzuleke
Red rhodedendron
integral to the forest flora
Cherry blossom
photo: Arjan
Pieris candidia indica
Indian Cabbage White, female
Pieris melete
Green-veined White, female
also male
Colias fieldii
Dark Clouded Yellow
Pseudozizeeria maha
Pale Grass Blue
Udara albocaeruleus
Acytolepis puspa
Common Hedge Blue
Zizula hylax
Tiny Grass Blues, Kolkata Botanical Garden
Heliophorus kohimensis
Naga Sapphire
Heliophorus moorei
Azure Sapphire
Junonia iphita
Chocolate Pansy
Junonia orithya
Blue Pansy, male
Cethosia biblis
Red Lacewing, male
Symbrenthia brabira
Yellow Jester
Neptis hylas varmona
Common Sailer
Neptis sp.
Himalayan Glider
Araschnia dohertyi
Manipur Map
Lethe naga
Naga Treebrown
Lethe verma
Straight-banded Treebrown
Mycalesis sp.
Licaline Bushbrown, at Mezoma
Mithun bull
a cross between the wild Gaur and domestic cattle; photo: Arjan
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