July 2020

Furcula furcula
Sallow Kitten, Gubblecote, 30 July, and the next 4 photos
Furcula furcula
Sallow Kitten, enjoying a spot of sunshine, 30 July
Idaea dimidiata
Single-dotted Wave, 30 July
Photedes minima
Small Dotted Buff, 30 July
Thalpophila matura
Straw Underwing, 30 July
Meganola albula
Kent Black Arches, a small (c10mm) and rare visitor to Hertfordshire, at Gubblecote, 24 July
Eremobia ochroleuca
Dusky Sallow, 24 July
Ivinghoe Beacon
Bucks, the flowery hillside down from the trig point, 17 July afternoon, and the next three shots
Lysandra coridon
Chalk-hill Blue, male
Lysandra coridon
a different male
Lysandra coridon
male underside
Ochlodes sylvanus
Large Skippers, male central, female top right, Bernwood Forest, Bucks, and the following 10 photos, the morning of 17 July
Polygonia c-album
Vanessa atalanta
Red Admiral
Aglais io
Pyronia tithonus
Gatekeeper, female
Pyronia tithonus
Gatekeeper, female, living dangerously right next to a crab spider victim, the Ringlet
Pyronia tithonus
Gatekeeper, male
Pyronia tithonus
Gatekeeper, male
Argynnis paphia
Silver-washed Fritillary, female, hinting at form valesina
Argynnis paphia
the same insect
Gonepteryx rhamni
Brimstone, female
Cryphia algae
Tree-lichen Beauty, a rare migrant, the 'moth catch of the year', Gubblecote, 17 July
Apamea ophiogramma
Double Lobed, Gubblecote, 17 July
Craniophora ligustri
Coronet, Gubblecote, 17 July
Craniophora ligustri
Aglais io
Peacock butterfly pupa, Gubblecote, 14 July
Aglais io
the same Peacock pupa
Aglais io
a greener colour form of a Peacock pupa
Crocallis elinguaria
Scalloped Oak, Gubblecote, 12 July
Mythimna conigera
Brown-line Bright-eye, Gubblecote, 12 July
Oligia fasciuncula
Middle-barred Minor, day-flying, Haweswater, Lake District, 6 July
southern shore, east-central Lake District, Cumbria, 6 July
Kidsty How and Pike, far left
a 1,600' climb to one of the sites for Mountain Ringlet
Haweswater from near Kidsty Pike
Kidsty Pike
from the summit of Kidsty Pike
Coenonympha pamphilus
Small Heath, White Scar, Whitbarrow, 7 July
White Scar
on an overcast and drizzly afternoon
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