ARGENTINA, butterflies on a day at the Iguazu Falls, 6 March 2019

ARGENTINA, a non-butterflying trip in February/March 2019

between Chile and Mendoza in Agentina, 28 February
Iguazu Falls
helicopter view, Brazil on the left side and Argentina to the right, 5 March
Thespieus species?
Epargyreus species
Anastrus meliboea
Mylon maimon
Iguazu Falls
the Devil's Mouth, Argentina, 6 March
Pyrrhopyge species?
Mechanitis species
Biblis hyperia
Iguazu Falls
upsream view from the Brazil side, 5 March
Doxocopa agathina
Doxocopa agathina
Ramphastos toco in cecropia at Iguazu, Argentina
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