Habitats and wildlife in West Africa, mainly in Ghana

Ghana, May 2nd to 22nd 2017
Lizard near Senchi on the eastern side of the Volta. This is the first of 17 chronological photos from that trip
solitary species, excavating its nest in the sandy ground
Trail to Wli Falls
Wli Falls
Fruit bats
roosting in the open at the edge of the waterfall
in the hands of young children, collecting firewood
Good humour
at the roadside fruit stalls
Bunso Arboretum
entrance avenue (replicated also at Aburi Botanical Gardens)
Bunso Arboretum
Bobiri lodge
a place of real tranquility
Torben's cabinet
a sole collection of set specimens prepared by the late Torben Larsen, positioned between the two volumes of his famed book
Celba pentandra
on the Three sisters trail, wonderful still to find big trees in Ghana
Big tree logging
continues, an affront when this truck rumbled past on the Bobiri track
Lowe's Mona monkeys
Boabeng-Fiema Monkey Sanctuary
Black and white Colobus monkey
at Boabeng-Fiema
New Edubiase
track through a fantastic forest remnant
sunset, bringing the curtain down on a wonderful trip
Ghana, October into November 2008
Atewa Hills from the small town of Kibi on a misty, early morning in October 2008
track through a very special forest, at severe risk from total destruction by bauxite mining
Dear old Bobiri
the main lodge containing a library and other memorabilia where we ate our meals and where Torben Larsen spent many happy days
canopy walkway on a misty early morning
Tree frog
Another tree frog species
at Kakum
'Bamboo cathedral'
a natural feature of architectural scale at Ankasa
Ghana, September 2012
The main track at Bobiri
Ant trail
at Bobiri, not to be stepped in!
Bobiri track
leading to the lodge and accommodation in the sunlit patch
Not sure what this is
Bobiri scene
locals carrying chainsaw and machete - so much for being a protected area
Monkey cemetery
at Boabeng-Fiema Monkey Sanctuary
taken through the minibus window in a tropical downpour whilst the local kids danced in the rain
Cricket or grasshopper
Bunso Arboretum
Spider conflict
think the guy at the top won, Aburi Botanical Gardens
Liberia, Nimba Hills, January 2014
looking east towards the Cote d'Ivoire
Nimba Hills
Fig tree
in the Community Forest to the north-east of Yekepa
Termite column
Community Forest
Overlooking the valley
from the end of the track through the Community Forest
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