Some moths of Ghana

Basiothia medea
Small Verdant Hawk
Theretra monteironis
Lesser Cream-striped Hawk
Oplerclanis rhadamistus
Polyptychus carteri
Polyptychus carteri
Polyptychus carteri
or a closely related species
Coelonia species
Daphnis nerii
Oleander Hawk, a beautiful and widespread species, found also in the Mediterranean. This individual flew into an open dining area at Kakum and allowed itself to be photographed by all and sundry - very obliging!
Chloroclanis virescens
Temnura marginata
or similar - difficult to be 100% sure in the absence of any colouration of the hind-wings...
Neopolyptychus pygara
Nadaurelia dione
Nadaurelia anthinoides
Dactyloceras species
Heraclia aemulatrix
Eudocima divitiosa
Fruit-piercing Moth - one of many similar species with orange hind-wings, real pests in commercial fruit plantations
Saturiidae/Ludiinae species
Biston species
Epanaphe carteri
Pingasa species
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