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European butterflies by family

Berber village
in the N'fiss valley, near Ouirgane, High Atlas, April 2007
Libelloides longicornis
Diurnal Owlfly, Galicica National Park, southern Macedonia, July 2015
Old town street
in Prats-de-Mollo-la-Preste, Catalonia, in the Eastern Pyrenees of southern France, August 2016
Wild boar family
which took us by surprise on the road to Thermia, near the Nestos Dam, to the north of Paranesti in the Greek Rhodopi, July 2013
growing in the Pellegrino Pass, Dolomites, Italy, July 2008
Traditional folk dancing
during the annual mushroom collecting festival at Kercaszomor in the Orseg, western Hungary, August 2010
Cicada pupal case
in the High Atlas mountains, Morocco, April 2007
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