A short visit to several locations in Dorset with David Dennis in late July 2019

Gonepteryx rhamni
Brimstone, female on bramble blossom at Bentley Wood on 23 July - and the next 9 photos
Bentley Wood
forest track
Thecla betulae
Purple Hairstreak on Hemp Agrimony
Thecla betulae
Purple Hairstreak
Aglais io
Bentley Wood
open woodland
Aphantopus hyperantus
Gonepteryx rhamni
Brimstone, male
Satyrium w-album
White-letter Hairstreak
Argynnis aglaja
Dark Green Fritillary
Alner's Gorse
main location, 24 July
Argynnis paphia
Silver-washed Fritillary, female at Alner's Gorse
Argynnis paphia
the same insect as shown in the previous photo
Alner's Gorse
the flowery bottom meadow
Alner's Gorse
and again
Piddles Wood
later in the day on 24 July
Argynnis paphia
Silver-washed Fritillary, male, at Piddles Wood
Pyronia tithonia
Gatekeeper, female, Piddles Wood
Coenonympha pamphilus
Small Heath, Winfrith Heath, 25 July
Vanessa atalanta
Red Admiral, also at Winfrith Heath
Lulworth Cove
viewed from Bindon Hill, late morning on 25 July, plus the next 9 photos
Lycaena phlaeas
Small Copper, Bindon Hill, Lulworth
Lasiommata megera
Wall, male
Thymelicus acteon
Lulworth Skipper, female
Thymelicus acteon
Lulworth skippers on 'their small site' at Bindon Hill
Aricia agestis
Brown Argus
Melanargia galathea
Marbled White
Pyronia tithonus
Gatekeepers 'in cop'
Pyronia tithonus
Lycaena phlaeas
Small Copper on Ragwort
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