Habitats and wildlife in Panama

Silver-throated Tanager
Canopy Lodge, El Valle de Anton, 12 May
'chicken farm' forest edge track
a short drive up from Canopy Lodge, El Valle de Anton, 12 May
one-legged 'Unicorn' cricket
'chicken farm' forest track, 12 May
El Valle de Anton
valley view from the chicken farm trail, 12 May
Red-tailed Squirrel
on a Canopy Lodge bird table, 12 May
Violet-headed Hummingbird
at Canopy Lodge, 12 May
Cassidini or Charidotella species?
Cerro Gaital trail, 13 May
flowering at the top of the trail in the Cerro Gaital National Park, 13 May
Central American Agouti
on the Cerro Gaital trail, 13 May
Collared Arakari
from the Canopy Tower, north-west of Panama City, 16 May
Canopy Tower
early morning south-east view towards the Pacific Ocean on16 May
Gamboa 'Pipeline'
track, 16 May
White-nosed Coati
on the 'Pipeline' track, 16 May
'Pipeline' track
16 May
Three-toed Sloth
in top of cecropia tree, dawn, 17 May, from the top of the Canopy Tower
Green Honeycreeper
female, early visitor to the Canopy Tower, 17 May
Blue-grey Tanager
another visitor to the Tower, early 17 May
in the Metro National Park, 17 May
Black-throated trogon
Metro National Park, 17 May
Fork-tailed Flycatcher
and chick, close to the Panama Canal at Gamboa, 17 May
seen hazily through dark thunderstorm clouds on 18 May
White-faced Capucin
one of a troupe visiting the Tower canopy early on 18 May
Megaloptera species?
Canopy Tower, 18 May
Plantation Trail
down from Canopy Tower, 18 May
Leaf litter Toad
Canopy Tower Plantation trail, 18 May
'Paper wasp' nest
along from the National Service Army base, 18 May
Green iguana
along track away from the National Service Army base, 18 May
Slaty-tailed Trogon
female, at the Canopy Tower, 18 May
Parque Natural San Francisco
stream, Torti, 19 May
in the leaf litter, Parque Natural San Francisco, Torti, 19 May
Parque Natural San Francisco
small waterfall and stream, 19 May
Green and Black Poison-dart Frog
in the forest at Canopy Camp, Darien, 20 May
Nuevo Vigia forest, 22 May
Tree frog
in the Nuevo Vigia village forest deep in Darien, 22 May
Nuevo Vigia trail
running parallel to the river, 22 May
El Salto trail
leading from the Pan American Highway to the Rio Chucunaque, 23 May
Leaf-ant highway
Meteti trail not far from the Canopy Camp, Darien, 23 May
(a small specimen) Meteti trail, 23 May
Lineated Woodpecker
glimpsed through the trees from the El Salto trail, 24 May
Green and Black Poison Dart frog
Canopy Camp, 24 May
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